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2 How to setup company file in QuickBooks Training Video in Urdu

In this 2nd training video of Intuit QuickBooks in Urdu will learn how to set up a company file of your client and select the correct version of Quickbooks Online according to the requirements of your business. Please remain in touch with us for more Training Videos. IF you have any questions you can write […]

Quickbook Overview 1st Training Video In Urdu

Quickbooks  1st Training Video in Urdu Here in the first Video of Quickbooks Overview here, you will learn about QuickBooks that is necessary to learn for the training of QuickBooks, soon we will upload the next training videos. Please click below to watch this video Please subscribe here for more training videos Please share […]

Quick Overview

Introduction            These Notes of Quickbooks online are to help you get to grips with QuickBooks Online of any edition. If you are already familiar with the desktop versions – QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Premier Accountant, then making the transition online shouldn’t be too painful. Online systems are more […]


Now that you know how to create Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports, let’s learn how to create Profit & Loss reports. A Profit & Loss report (P&L) will cover a period of time during a twelve-month period. This twelve-month period is your fiscal, accounting, or tax year, which for most of you is […]


Reconcile an Account in QuickBooks Online: Instructions 1. To reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online, click the Gear icon and choose the “Reconcile” link. 2. Choose the account to reconcile from the “Account” dropdown list. 3. Click the “Reconcile Now” button to open the “Start Reconciling” popup window. 4. The “Account” dropdown list allows you […]

How to record Invoice & Receive Payment.

When a customer pays on an invoice, receive the payment in QuickBooks Online using the steps below. Note: In QuickBooks Online, we record a payment only when the customer was given an invoice. If you didn’t invoice your customer for an amount they paid you, you should enter a sales receipt or a deposit instead […]

How to record Bill & Bill Payment

Bill Entry. Recording the payment to offset a bill 1. Choose Expenses at the left > Vendors on the top or click on + sign. 2 .Click the vendor that has the open bill and find the bill you’d like to pay. 3 .Click the Action drop-down and click Make Payment. 4. In the Payment […]

How to Record Transactions

Entering expenses & Deposit in QuickBooks Online (QBO) is easy. From the Home Page you click on the transactions coming from Bank or record manually click on + sign to bring up the transaction menu. Under the Vendors menu you can see the various choices such as Expense, Check & Bill. This Expense option is […]

Making CSV File for Upload Transaction.

Next screen your CVS transactions for import shows like this……..! Click Next Finally Import completed message screen will appear…! Dash Board……Looks like after uploading Transactions…!

Upload Transactions (Manually or Direct from Bank)

In this method to add Manual Transactions we have to follow up:- Net Screen will be:—To upload the file you should have file with extension CsV,QFX,QBO or QFX format Only. it means if you want to upload the transactions must have above mention file type After selecting the desired file you have to select the […]