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Payroll Services | Clicks Accounting

Is your payroll processing taking up your precious time and resources that could be better to spend on essential business functions? Choose to outsource payroll processing to a trustworthy payroll service provider like Clicks Accounting. You will free up valuable internal resources to focus on your core business while your payroll is carried out professionally offshore through real-time, online, 24/7 processing.

Clicks Accounting is a leading financial outsourcing services provider at affordable rates. We can handle all the intricate details of payroll processing – like compliance with federal and state regulations, monthly/ weekly check payments, filing taxes that support federal Medicare, social security, and unemployment funds, automatic check signatures, and direct deposits.

We provide a full suite of payroll services, depending upon your business’s needs. We have experience with payroll processing, reporting of payroll taxes to federal, state, and local agencies, and W-2 and Form 1099 preparation and mailing.

What it’s like to work with us:

We offer payroll services that range from simple salary positions to complex hourly positions and even bonus plus perqs pay programs.

Inexpensive Payroll Services for Small Businesses:

Payroll consists of many complexities and details, even for a small business. As a business owner, you need to be able to access payroll checks and reports rapidly and efficiently. Changes in the law and the IRS have made the payroll process time-consuming. On average, a small business owner spends 8 hours a month on payroll management. And small industry owners don’t have that kind of time luxury.

A right payroll management system helps small businesses avoid paying a penalty to the IRS. You won’t miss any tax deadlines or pay the wrong amount. There won’t be any burden that you miscalculated, and you can focus your time on the primary goals of your business. At Clicks Accounting, Our payroll reports are accurate, user-friendly, and available to you when you need them.

Payroll Processing Software We Use

Our reliable, consistent, and secure payroll processing software keeps track of details like changing employee rosters and hours, automatic deductions from paychecks for 401-K and W-2 deposits, tax withholding, and more. If you have already an electronic payroll processing system in place, our software will integrate with yours for a smooth transition. We have ability in using a wide range of payroll processing software.

Why Outsource Payroll Processing Services to Clicks Accounting?

We are one of the best payroll processing companies so, when you outsource payroll services to us, you get access to a host of benefits, including –

Affordable Prices

We provide our payroll processing services at highly competitive prices, helping you save up to 40% in costs!

Accurate and High-quality Services

We help you issue payments efficiently and on schedule. We work extra hard to ensure that we always provide the highest quality payroll processing services.

Reports Generation Services

We ensure that we provide highly accurate and comprehensive management reports that can be relied upon to make better-informed decisions.

Quick Turnaround Time

We have the required skills and expertise to deliver the best quality payroll processing services to clients within a speedy turnaround time.

Professional Services

With us by your side, you can get access to precise, timely, and accurate calculation of payroll.

24/7 Services

We provide real-time, online, 24/7 processing of your payroll, helping you receive accurate payroll management services.

Manage Compliance

We help you file your payroll taxes on time and manage compliance with all the relevant regulations.