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           These Notes of Quickbooks online are to help you get to grips with QuickBooks Online of any edition. If you are already familiar with the desktop versions – QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Premier Accountant, then making the transition online shouldn’t be too painful.

Online systems are more fluid than desktop releases, and changes can be made overnight and ongoing without the need for anyone to ‘upgrade’ or ‘get the latest version’. By the time you get to the end of this handbook, you’ll have a very good idea of all that QuickBooks Online can do, and will be familiar with the most common tasks that users perform. It’s written with the non-financial manager in mind. But if you are a bookkeeper or an accountant – then this should still provide useful material for you.

If you are the male or female and you have patience intention to use QuickBooks Online at all… take these notes, read it from cover to cover & get useful information about Quickbooks online software with me through the modules, so that you ‘use the system’ and ‘read the manual’ at the same time. QuickBooks is a tool you can use to make your bookkeeping task much easier. It is well named in that it certainly DOES make doing the books quickly! So whether you need to invoice your customers, send them out a reminder statement, keep track of and pay your supplier bills, track your stock or just run a few reports to see how well your business is doing… QuickBooks has a solution for you. I (personally) been an online worker of the software for over three years, and have been a QuickBooks Proadvisor for most of those years. I’ve run many training courses on this software, (and other accounting systems) and I have to say that it is one of the easier and ‘more intuitive’ types of notes that prepared under the supervision of “CEO” HASHIM FINANCIALS  Mr.Muhammad Hashim. I hope after the end of this Notes, that you’ll be a raving fan and a happy user too.

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