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For you need look no further. Here’s your opportunity to hire an accountant with an MBA who has 10 years’ experience in tax, bookkeeping, and accounting.

Financial Services

Financial services are complex. In addition to needing rigorous documentation practices to guarantee compliance and customer satisfaction, there are many other services that financial institutions need to continue their work professionally. From accounts payable and receivable to accounting functions, there are multiple banking processes to account for. Instead of using more than one institution or service to document everything that needs to be documented, Clicks Accountings offers business process outsourcing that takes care of all financial institution banking needs.

Having a thorough understanding of your company’s financial state is crucial for future growth. Whether you’re a new startup, a growing SMB or an established international subsidiary, you can be confident that your books will withstand due diligence in the hands of our financial consulting team. We’ll keep you supplied with reports and projections so you can anticipate your business’s upcoming costs. Whenever you need in-depth analysis or help with forecasting, you can access our Controllers or Virtual CFOs — we’re available around the clock.

New accounting standards and major regulatory changes have fundamentally altered the ways in which financial institutions do business. An increase in state and federal oversight and the associated costs have also changed the environment in which financial institutions operate.

At Clicks Accounting, our Financial Institutions and Specialty Finance Practice understands these complex regulations and their business implications, and helps industry leaders adapt to this changing landscape.

In an era of change marked by increased competition, regulatory pressure, and significant consolidation, our advisors possess the knowledge and experience essential to guide financial services companies through complexity. Clicks Accounting, advisors provide insight on financial reporting and disclosure requirements, regulatory filings, capital raises, debt and loan restructurings, and derivatives.


Financial Reporting and Analysis

Clicks Accounting can help you analyze your business’ data and use it to make sensible decisions. Maybe as a business owner you want to know why there seems to be a lack of profits, or want to analysis where your business’ profits came from.

Financial analysis doesn’t just include your costs and debts, but also cash-flow, liquidity, profitability, working capital, and more. We look at compiled financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, and more. Then we review the compiled documents with you.

Complete Consulting Services for Businesses

Whether you are a small business owner trying to begin a start up or have been around for years, Clicks Accounting provides affordable financial services. We can assist you in finding the right strategy.

We can make a general assessment, but delve further into strategy development, and detailed implementation that follow your ideal vision and business strategy.

Clicks Accounting has been offering virtual financial and accounting services for our clients for more than 10 years. Our financial accounting services offer our clients a cost-efficient method of turning a firm’s outstanding accounts receivable into cash as quickly as possible.

With our trained, dedicated professionals, and our use of the most effective information technology tools, we can promise timely communication with customers. Services include maintenance of general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial records, and project accounting; our method ensures accuracy and timeliness.

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