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Many of the guideline support hospitality management careers as a profession are based on the history of the industry, which stretches back to 15,000 B.C., the first documented instance of one tribe hosting another at the Lascaux caves in France.

In the late Middle Ages, as merchants like Marco Polo explored the Far East, Mongolia’s Ghengis Khan developed a road system to move letters and goods through his massive territories, posthouses are often known as resting places. These public houses began to welcome merchants, scholars, messengers and other traveling elites, and hospitality began to develop parallel to global commerce.

The industrial circle had speed up the growth of industry across all major cities and trade routes, leading to an explosion of professional hotels in the 1800s. By the 1900s, magnificence hotels areas to cater to the newly-rich capitalists and industrialists, who start traveling in earnest as aviation facilitated global business travel, culminating in a major hotel boom.

Targeting all types of guests what different amenities, service levels, and price points, these industry increased from the principles of hospitality, welcoming guests with a friendly smile, a safe space, and a comfortable room to hotels. The maturing of hotels meant that hotel management was now a bonafide profession, with global appeal and supported by schools.

For those people who wish to supervise hotels, it quickly became a requirement to learn about financial management, hotel marketing, and staff selection and training and these are real profession.

Hospitality is a global profession.

Define by professional opportunities, In 21st century Tourism has become on every corner of the planet. more than 300 million people are connected and representing more than 10.4% of the global economy, hospitality companies for providing opportunities come in all sizes and types in virtually every region on world. Some of the jobs hospitality professionals are retail & fashion and work in around the world, FMCG, sports & leisure, marketing & media, consultancy, start-ups, real estate, events management, consulates & embassies, museums & art, and many more are professions. Currently, hospitality-related fields have more than 13,000 Les Roches Alumni pursuing careers for cover multiple generations and mainland.

Hospitality joins people and innovation.

In hospitality industry, digital transformation is one that is putting technology at the service of people. We interrelate with our guests in way of innovation, they lets us focus on what is important for them: creating memories and unforgettable experiences. Innovation has inspire the development of new sectors, from online travel agencies and the sharing economy to AI-assisted luxury concierge services and fully-automated, domotic rooms that are tailored to guests’ needs. Greatly thanks to recent innovations by Efficiency of resource and energy consumption in the hotel industry, thus contributing to the guests’ sense of responsibility and working towards a more sustainable future.

The differentiate between the Hospitality Industry and the Travel Industry

These tow industries are closely connected to each other, but there are also some differences to be aware of. The travel or tourism industry is concerned with services for people for a relatively short period of time who have travelled away from their usual place of residence.

The hospitality industry is only concerned with leisure and customer satisfaction related with services. This may well mean offering services to tourists and other than the provision of services to people who are not tourists, like people who enjoying their idle time, or other than tourism.